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Medical Policy MonitorPolicy Alerts Medical Policy Monitoring tool uses proprietary web scraping software to locate medical coverage policies, pharmacy policies, pre-authorization criteria, fee schedules, provider bulletins, and other Payer insurance information from hundreds of Commercial, Medicare & Medicaid Payer websites.

While most Payers typically update medical policies on 12 or 18 month cycles, there are many reasons why a Payer might review or update a policy. Payer medical policy reviews and updates can occur out of schedule and therefore may go unnoticed. Policy Alerts keeps you informed of upcoming and unexpected changes occur that affect your product or competitor products. Being able to quickly review the changes Payers make to their medical policies can help you better understand the Payer decisions that impact your business.

The Policy Alerts software first locates relevant Payer medical policies and coverage information based on client-defined parameters such as the product or procedure name, and coding information. Once Policy Alerts has located all relevant Payer medical policies, our proprietary software monitors this information for updates and changes and also continues searching for new medical policies and coverage information.

Medical Policy Coverage Dashboard Payer Policy Coverage Report

Clients can easily access and review their Payer medical policies online. Our software automatically generates useful reports and analyses from the medical policy and coverage information being monitored. An interactive Payer coverage report is generated from the collected data and organized on the Policy Alerts Payer Coverage Dashboard. Let Policy Alerts perform the arduous and time-consuming task of keeping up with your product’s medical policies and free up your team’s resources to focus on a successful product launch and reimbursement strategy.

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