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Policy Alerts provides the essential support needed to obtain reimbursement for your products.

What is Policy Alerts?

Policy Alerts uses proprietary web scraping software to quickly locate medical coverage policies and other important Payer information from hundreds of Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid Payer websites. Policy Alerts is continuously searching and collecting Payer coverage data to support your reimbursement needs. Receive instant medical policy alerts and payer update notifications by email and on your mobile devices. Policy Alerts keeps you informed of Payer meetings and events, upcoming medical policy review dates, draft policy statements and comment periods, coding updates, Medicare coverage determinations and fee schedules, technology assessments, and other important Payer changes that impact your reimbursement goals.

Policy Alerts organizes your Payer medical coverage policy data into a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard report. Review your Payer coverage data summary with customizable charts and graphs. Easily visualize your coverage landscape and create impressive executive reports. Policy Alerts provides Payer specific data and allows you to generate custom reports from the data Policy Alerts collects. Calculate your product’s market access, covered lives by payer, track competitor coverage and other useful analysis to clearly understand reimbursement needs.

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How does it work?

Policy Alerts medical policy monitoring and update alerts service continuously searches hundreds of commercial, Medicare and Medicaid Payer websites to keep you up-to-date on Payer decisions in real-time. First, the Policy Alerts software locates relevant Payer medical policies and coverage information based on client-defined parameters such as the product or procedure name, and coding information. Once Policy Alerts has located all relevant Payer medical policies, the software monitors this information for updates and changes and also continues searching for new medical policies and coverage information. Whenever changes are detected, Policy Alerts immediately sends out an email notification containing a summary of what has changed. Clients can access their medical policies and Payer coverage summary on the interactive Policy Alerts Payer Coverage Dashboard. Never miss another important Payer medical policy review or coverage decision update again!

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What Payer data is collected?

Policy Alerts is constantly searching for any Payer information that is relevant to your product.

  • Current & Draft Medical Policies
  • Pre/Priror-Authorization Forms
  • Medicare LCDs & NCDs
  • Medicare Fee Schedules
  • Provider Newsletters
  • Carrier Updates
  • Technology Assessments
  • CPT/HCPCS/ICD Coding Notices

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Which Payers are monitored?

Policy Alerts maintains a database of several hundred Payers. Our typical coverage analysis includes the top 100 Payers, but every project is customized based on client need;

  • National Commercial Payers such as Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare and others
  • BlueCross & BlueShield Payers such as Anthem, Highmark, Healthcare Services Corporation and others
  • Medicare Carriers (CMS) such as First Coast Service Options, Noridian, Novitas and others
  • Medicaid and State Health Plans
  • Regional Commercial Payers such as HealthNet, Medical Mutual of Ohio, HealthPartners, and others
  • Any relevant Payer can be added to our application.

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When are alerts sent?

Policy Alerts is continuously monitoring Payer websites and policies for changes. When a change is detected, Policy Alerts will send out an email alert with a summary of the detected changes. Medical policy alerts are sent out as soon as changes are detected. Policy Alerts can also be customized to send out weekly and monthly summary reports.

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Why use PolicyAlerts

With so much information available online, the task of searching, collecting, and organizing relevant information into useful reports is more time consuming than ever. Policy Alerts automates this process and maintains up-to-date information 24/7. This process would take an experienced research analyst several hours each day to replicate our software results.

Policy Alerts customizes reports so you have the most relevant data right in front of you when need it most. Our reports allow for proactive rather than reactive strategy development. Knowing when reviews and Payer activities take place allow you to focus efforts in a timely and effective way.

While there are other services that provide Payer medical policy alerts, Policy Alerts takes a client-focused hands-on approach. Anyone can collect and report data, but what do you do with it? What good is that data if you spend more time trying to understand what it means for your business? Policy Alerts works hard to provide our customers with intelligence over raw data. Policy Alerts was developed by industry professionals who experienced the overwhelming burden of keeping up with the arduous task of collecting Payer information. With over 2 years in development, rest assured that Policy Alerts will deliver results.We understand what our clients need and we are dedicated to making sure we provide timely, accurate and intelligent data that can be used to implement and support a successful reimbursement strategy.

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How much does it cost?

Policy Alerts is a very cost-effective solution. We have several Services packages available depending on client needs. Price is usually determined by both monitoring frequency and on a per-Payer per-Product format. We are glad to discuss your goals and determine the best format to fit your reimbursement needs. We offer these primary Services categories;

  1. Monthly Monitoring & Alerts
  2. Annual Monitoring & Alert
  3. One-time Payer Coverage Analysis
  4. Competitive Product Coverage Analyses

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